Patch Hounds

My first encounter with the Patch Hound was in the Mid 60`s, I had a 1/2 patch female which was a Gr Gr Grand pup of Anderson Patch.  I had no Idea what I had other than she could flat run a rabbit and the name Patch was catchy. As time went on they all died and I finally just stopped all together. About 7 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Hammerenpatch (aka Mike Eberle) and acquired my first full Patch, Big Smokepatch R. out of Eberle`s Hammerenpatch Bo x Nicklespatch Tea Cup.


That led to Shantillie Lace Patched R x Big Oaks Pach Hammer Time x Eberle`s Hammerenpatch Trxie. Thus- Gus, Cain, Marley, Copper, Sunrise SS Snowball, Skeeter, Cricket, Scarlet, Spook.

These are my running hounds and my brood stock. I will go out of my kennel to breed to other stud hounds of note only. No out crosses at all, I feel if it ain`t broke don`t fix it. My hounds are oversized or on the limit and will not guarantee any pup not to go oversized because the genes are there.


I have gone and will go any place and run my hounds with any ones hounds. Any one that wants to can give me a call and we can run here. They are fast, they are rough on  their home grounds, know where to swing, cut, skirt and will get there how ever they can. To me this make`s a race interesting.


The Patch hound is a very competitive hound, has more stamina, and endurance than any hound I have seen except my ol fox hounds. I run my hounds at least three days or nights a week.


Gus and Shantie are my main hounds and pups out of them have started at 9 wks old. Pups out of Shantie and Gunner, Gus`s brother have made excellent hounds. These hounds will never make field trial dogs in my opinion. I will be making two or three crosses this year go to upcoming litters on my web site. I will be breeding Cain this year, Hammerenpatch, Gunner x, Shantillie Lace Patched R


Tea Cup, Trixie and my old Geronimo hound died while with me and I publicly apologize to Mike for this loss.

I also want to thank him for giving me my start in one of the best breed`s of hounds there is. I saw Ol Casey and he was a mountain of a hound, gone now running rabbits in the spirit world. This blood line will be with me as long as I raise and train Patch hounds along with the  Lesage blood from Marley, the Tammer blood form Snowy and the Poison White thunder and Poison white Lady through Mike Roach and the Lesage Bill through Dewey Harless. This blood contains some of the best old bloodline`s I believe there is.

 My hounds will be known as Tsa La Gi Patch Beagles but will be reg with the spelling as Tsa La Gi Pache



Thanks for looking and enjoy the site.